Accelerating Student Learning and Motivation in Your U.S. History Classroom

Kevin Williams: Contact and Information

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Kevin Williams: Contact and Information

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I.  Bureau of Education and Research - This website was made to support the seminar "Accelerating Student Learning and Motivation in the U.S. History Classroom - Cutting-Edge Strategies and Hands-On Activities". Kevin Williams will be presenting this seminar for BER in October 2008(sites to be determined).  
In addition, Kevin  has presented to school districts around the country (Nashville, TN and Bowling Green, KY during the summer of 2006, and Fargo, ND and Reno, NV during the summer of 2007).   
If you are interested in having Kevin present for your school district, contact him through his email.  If you are interested in attending a BER seminar, please click on the image to the right, or click the following link:
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(Kevin Williams with family at Teotihuacan, Mexico)


KEVIN WILLIAMS is a current classroom teacher and loves teaching today’s young adolescents. Kevin is a frequent presenter for U.S. History seminars, workshops and U.S. History project teacher training sessions through The History Project at the University of California at Davis.   Kevin has received many evaluations from participants who leave his seminars with a wealth of strategies and resources they are able to use immediately in the classroom.

Here is a sampling:

“OUTSTANDING!!! Informative, personal and great ideas.” – Chuck Heiser, Social Studies Teacher, Grades 7-12

“One of the most useful seminars I have ever attended. Kevin has spent countless hours making this a usable, common sense, creative approach to teaching American History.” – Theresa Gantous, Teacher

“This seminar reaffirms things I have done in my classroom and has also given me a ton of new tools to use in my classroom: wonderful, insightful and ‘fluff-less’ materials and methods. Great stuff, I would recommend it to anyone and everyone!” – Michael S. Wolski, History Teacher/Department Chair

“Excellent – this is the best seminar I’ve attended. Excellent resources that I can’t wait to use in class.” – Andy Cardinal, Teacher

“Kevin Williams is a master teacher. He loves what he is doing and conveys that in his presentation. I came away with a wealth of ideas.” – Ellen Rybak, 8th Grade Social Studies/U.S. History Teacher

“I appreciate Kevin’s enthusiasm and desire to share his successes with others. He provides many useful and practical ideas to readily implement in any classroom.” – JoAnne McNew, 8th Grade American History Teacher

“One of the most useful one-day seminars I have attended.” – Randy Rair, Teacher

“I learned many strategies from Kevin. His knowledge and interest in history is quite inspiring.” – Heather Bober, Junior High Teacher

“I thoroughly enjoyed this seminar! I left with many new ideas I can use in my classroom. Kevin is a dynamic speaker who gives information in a clear and enthusiastic manner.” – Barbara Ungashick, 7th/8th Grade Social Studies Teacher

“Very informative. The information will be extremely helpful in the classroom.” – Tara Moll, Social Studies Teacher

“All-around enjoyable presentation providing useful classroom ideas and materials.” – Joe Kennedy, Middle School Social Studies Teacher

“This has been the most beneficial workshop I have taken. Kevin Williams provided me with a ton of teaching strategies for U.S. History that I am excited to implement in my classroom. I would recommend this workshop to anyone who teaches American History.” – Brian Ouellette, 6-8 Grade Social Studies Teacher