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Accelerating Student Learning and Motivation in Your U.S. History Classroom

Seminar and Freesources Links

Why Study U.S. History?
Using the Standards
Standardized Exams
Developing Themes in U.S. History
Historical Stories and Unit Hooks
Using Primary Sources in the Classroom
General Strategies
Alternative Assessments
Rubrics and Scaffolds
Long Term Projects
Additional Resources
Kevin Williams: Contact and Information


Links to National Teacher Seminars
Workshops are often the best and most rewarding way for teachers to add to their content knowledge and curriculum.  Two of the best national programs are listed below.  Not only are they excellent but they include teacher stipends.


Freesources on the Web:
1.  Teaching Tolerance - Offers several free videos for educators.  I've used them all; particularly useful has been "Mighty Time", and "The Shadow of Hate".  A new video, "Viva La Causa" is coming out.  It deals with Cesar Chavez.
2. - absolutely FREE videos.  I recommend the "Eminent Domain" as well as "Pennies A Day".  This is FREE to educators.  All they ask is that you give them feedback on videos.
3.  John Stossel - while John Stossel may be a bit annoying, he does create a lot of short but pertinent videos that can be used in the classroom.  In addition, he lately has been making FREE DVDs for each school year.  In addition, you can download the clip of the month.  I have found these videos incredibly useful.
4.  Annenburg/CPB - Video on Demand is excellent...if your school blocks it, try using WM Recorder to capture the video and then use it in the classroom.