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Accelerating Student Learning and Motivation in Your U.S. History Classroom

Resources used in the PowerPoint presentation - Accelerating Learning and Motivation

Why Study U.S. History?
Using the Standards
Standardized Exams
Developing Themes in U.S. History
Historical Stories and Unit Hooks
Using Primary Sources in the Classroom
General Strategies
Alternative Assessments
Rubrics and Scaffolds
Long Term Projects
Additional Resources
Kevin Williams: Contact and Information

Why Study U.S. History
Standards - How Can They Be Useful?
Devloping Themes in U.S. History
5.    Penny Head
6.    Penny Tail
12.  Uncle Sam's Thanksgiving - Thomas Nast cartoon
Historical Stories and Unit Hooks
1.  56 Great Risk Takers 
          Trumbull's painting
          Stein Image
2.  Ranking the Presidents Images
        John F. Kennedy
        Ronald Reagan
3.  Cheese  - Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson
         The Mammoth Cheese - can click for front cover  
        Andrew Jackson and the Cheese - from an excellent site,
4.  Historical Trailer Images
       Woodstock poster   
       Dr. Timothy Leary and Abbie Hoffman - you'll need to scroll down
       "Make Love, Not War"
5.  Carry Nation Online - Kansas State Historical Society
6.  "Letter to Mrs. Roosevelt" and the Images of Dorothea Lange
     "Migrant Mother", 1936
     Migrant Girl
Using Primary Sources in the Classroom - IMAGES
1.  Andrew Jackson Compare and Contrast Images
     King Andrew
4.  Women's Suffrage -
             "Kaiser Wilson" - Picture 1
             "Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, and George Washington
                 - Picture 2
5.  Socialism
       Socialist Party
Using Primary Sources in the Classroom - DOCUMENTS
1.  "The Battle of Bunker's Hill" - John Trumbull, 1786
8.  Presidential Views on Vietnam
9.  Ranking Lyndon B. Johnson
General Strategies
1.  Anti Slavery and Pro Slavery Images -
          Click "1840-1843'
          Then click "See Full Text List of These Prints". 
          Scroll to 1841 and find "America"
     Anti Slavery Almanac, 1840 "Selling a Mother From Her Child"
4.  Ellis Island vs. Angel Island

5.  World War One Propaganda

     "Beat Back the Hun"

     "Sugar Sinks Ships"

Alternative Assessments
1.  Slideshow Exam -
2.  Slideshow, Music, and Film
     Battle At Kruger - link to YouTube video
3.  Relative Significance
4.  Document Exam
     1920s - KKK in Washington D.C. - excellent Smithsonian website which
     deals with many facets of the KKK.
5.  Problem Based Assessment
Long Term Projects
1.  Trading Card Assignment - Examples of modern Baseball Cards
      Image 1
      Image 2